But ave you discovered the secret to body language yet?

flirty lookThe answer to that questions will definitely be yes after reading this article.

Learning to read a woman’s body is one of the best things you can do to improve your luck with women. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s universal. Almost all women exhibit the same non-verbal behaviors. You’ll be able to read 99% of women with just these basic tips.

A whopping 55% of communication is made through non-verbal means. Another 38% of communication is the tone of her voice. You know the difference between someone telling you to shut-up for real or someone who is just playing around. You know that mainly because of the tone of their voice, and of course, body movements as well.

The last 7% of communications is the actual words that come out of her mouth said. Words are not all too important. You can say anything as long as you use the right tone and movements. Let’s jump into it.

Facial Expression

Reading a girl’s face will seem pretty easy once you know what to look for. There are four main areas to focus on, her mouth, nose, eyes, and eyebrows.


Her mouth is hugely important and will show you almost all you need to know. Her mouth will be in either one of three positions, corners pointing up (smile/smirk), corners pointing down, or flat/neutral.

Even when laughing or giggling the corners of her mouth will angle up. If the corners of her mouth are angled up, that’s a good sing. But if they’re angled down, that’s a bad sign. If her mouth is flat, that’s probably a sign that she’s not that interested. You’ll have to combine this with the other signals to get a full picture.



Her nose will be in a neutral position or scrunched up. If she scrunches her nose up at you, that’s usually a bad sign. She’s probably disgusted by you or something you said. The only time it’s not a bad sign is if it’s an appropriate face to make given the context.

If you two are having a ball and joking around, and you’re telling her about a gruesome scene in the movie you just saw, then it is okay for her to make that face. Not really how I’d flirt with a girl, but to each their own.



Her eyes are the windows to her soul. It’s true. Just by looking into her eyes, you’ll be able to tell if she’s feeling you or not. If she’s squinting a lot, she’s curious about you and hasn’t made her verdict yet. You still can win her over.

If she has a blank look in her eyes, almost like she’s looking past you, she’s totally uninterested. But if she’s smiling with her eyes and making eye contact with you, she’s interested.

If her pupils are dilated (larger), then she’s interested in you. But if you’re in a low-light setting, then her pupils will be dilated because they’re trying to bring in more light, so disregard this one. If you’re in a well-lit setting, then her pupils are dilated because she’s trying to bring in more of you.



The eyebrows go hand in hand with the eyes. It’s rare that the two will send conflicting messages. If she holds one eyebrow up and the other down, it could be interpreted as good or bad.

When her nose is scrunched, it’s a sign of disgust and shock. If the corners of her mouth are angled up, then it’s generally a good sign. When she holds both of her eyebrows up, it’s a good sign. If she holds them both down, it’s a bad sign.

Body Movements

Reading the rest of a girls body completes the non-verbal picture. You can tell if a woman’s interested in you without even reading her face. There are several maneuvers that will tell you everything you need to know about her.


likes you body languageIf her arms are crossed, she’s closed off to you. This means she’s either uncomfortable, nervous, or doesn’t like you. If her arms are crossed but her hand is fidgeting, then she might just be nervous. Other than that, it’s a bad sign.

If her arms are by her side or moving around but not crossed, it’s a good sign. She’s comfortable and open to you. By having her chest and neck exposed to you, she’s showing you that she’s making herself vulnerable to you.

If she has her hands on her hips, it’s a good sign. It means she’s confident or trying to look her best for you. You need to look at her face for confirmation. If the corners of her mouth are angled down and she’s scowling at you, she might want to beat you down. But if she’s smirking or smiling, then she’s trying to look good for you.

If she’s twirling her hair, then she’s nervous and into you. This is a really good sign. She might even be ready for you to go in for the kiss.


If she’s facing you, then you’re in good shape. If she’s facing elsewhere, she’s not interested yet. There are three different areas you want to look at, her head, shoulders, and hips. I hope her head is facing you if you’re talking. If not, you’re in bad shape.

If you are not engaged in conversation with her, and she keeps looking at you, she’s interested and wants you to talk to her. As long as her head is facing you, it’s a good sign.

If her shoulders are facing you, it’s a good sign. Especially when combined with her arms being open. This would mean she’s giving you her attention by facing you, and she’s emotionally open to you. This is a good position to be in.

Lastly, if her hips are facing you, that’s a great sign. She’s basically pointing her vagina at you. If her hips are not facing you, then she’s playing keep away with her vagina, and that’s not a good sign. If her hips, shoulders, and head are all facing you, she’s really into you, and you have her right where you want her.


flirty close proximityIf she is purposefully invading your personal space, then she’s interested in you. The keyword here is, purposefully. This is pretty easy to tell. If you are in a really crowded setting, and everyone is invading everyone else’s personal space, then it’s not on purpose.

Other than that, it’s on purpose. If it’s not crowded and she keeps bumping you or accidentally touching you, she wants you to talk to her. She’s doing it on purpose because she wants you to initiate the conversation.

If you are talking with a girl and she’s standing really close to you, she’s definitely feeling you. As a generally rule, the closer she moves towards you, the more she’s into you.


know if she likes you through touchIf she touches you, she wants you. Girls will not waste their time touching a guy they’re not interested in. If she’s touching you, it’s because she feels the chemistry between you two and can’t help but draw nearer to you.

It’s like you’re a magnet for her. You’ll notice girls go out of their way to put their hand on your arm or shoulder or slap your chest. This is no mere coincidence. It means she likes you. Girls only touch guys they like.


flirty face smile look downThere are several maneuvers that girls do subconsciously when they like a guy. These are usually painstakingly obvious. If she gets giggly & fidgety when you’re around, it means she’s nervous. When a girl gets nervous around you, that means she likes you.

If she’s smirking while looking down, it’s a good sign. Girls will look down when they are nervous or submit to a man. It’s human nature. As long as her face is showing positive signs, then this combo is a good one. If her head is tilted down, but she’s looking up at you and smirking, she’s definitely into you.

If she’s swinging her shoulders while making eye contact with you, it’s a good sign. This is a playful, nervous, and flirty gesture. It could mean that she gets nervous when she faces you directly, so she swings her shoulders. It also could just be the way her body reacts when she’s interested in a guy.

Either way, this is a positive sign. You will notice some other positive signs if she’s swinging her shoulders and making eye contact with you.

If she’s leaning in towards you while you two are talking, she’s heavily invested in the conversation. This will usually be accompanied by a look of curiosity or a flirtatious, interested look. Either way, you’re in good shape. If she leans too far, your lips might just land on her soft, cute lips.

Bonus Tip: Be Erect!

good body posture for menDon’t slouch. When you pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out just a tad, you’ll look like an alpha male. That’s exactly how you want to come off, alpha. Don’t confuse alpha with a-hole. Women are attracted to alpha behavior. Admittedly, some women are attracted to the alpha behavior so much, they like a**hole behavior as well.

You want to be confident.

Keeping good posture and poking your chest out (just a tad) will make you come off as confident. It’s really attractive to women. Don’t exaggerate it because you’ll look like a fool. Try to make it look natural.

Practice holding the posture at home and when you’re talking with your friends and family. Practice it so much that it becomes second nature. You never know when the woman of your dreams will be near you, so you don’t want to be in the habit of slouching.