You can get almost any girl to kiss you if you know what you’re doing.

All women have psychological triggers that will make them fall for you when used properly. Scientists have known this for years. You don’t need to know a woman to get a smooch because the psychological triggers are pretty advanced. You just need a little guidance to get the kiss, and that’s what you’ll get by reading this article.

get comfy

1. Make Her Feel Comfortable

The first thing you want to do is make sure the girl is comfortable with you. This is extremely important. You want her to be comfortable, so she relaxes and lets her defenses down. Men constantly bombard women, so women have to develop a good defense and filtration system. If a woman made out with every guy who wanted to make out her, you would not want to go anywhere near her lips.

The girl you want to kiss right now has her defenses up, keeping all the guys away from her soft lips. You can pull out all your best lines and moves but will never seal the deal if you can’t get her to lower her guard. You will get rejected time and time again. Eventually, some other guy will be kissing on her cute little lips if you keep getting rejected. This can be prevented by making sure she’s comfortable before going in for the smooch.

Once her defenses are down, you will be able to communicate effectively with her. This is when you’ll be able to hit those triggers and make her fall for you.

The best way to get her to drop her guard is to be genuine. It’s harder than it sounds. People usually try to act macho or cool. That’s the worst thing you can do. Women can see through that kind of thing, and they’ll keep their guard up. You have to muster up the courage to be yourself.

You’ll know when her defenses have lower because she’ll start sharing personal information and show more open body language. If she uncrosses her arms and legs, she’s opening up. If she was angled away from you but turned and is facing you, she’s getting comfortable with you.

be a king

2. Be Masculine Like A King

Don’t confuse masculine with macho. You can be masculine without acting like you have muscles for brains. If you want to get kisses from the girl of your choosing, remember to be a man! If she wanted to make out with a girl, she wouldn’t be messing around with you.

To be masculine, you just have to display your manly qualities. Be confident, have a strong posture, speak assertively, and make her feel like a woman. Don’t treat her like one of your boys or a piece of meat. Make her feel majestic and divinely feminine.

When you speak to her, your voice should sound assertive and confident. There should not be any trembles in your voice. If your voice trembles, you will sound nervous and unconfident. Have an erect spine. Don’t slouch. Slouching looks pathetic and is definitely not masculine. Don’t overdue it and look as stiff as a board. Whether you’re sitting or standing, be in an upright position but not stiff. Act as if you’re a king.

Make her feel like a woman by the way you talk to her, look at her, and by the way you touch her. LISTEN when she talks, look at her as if she’s majestic, and touch her in a way that makes her feel feminine when appropriate. When you are both laughing at a joke, it can be an opportune time to touch her arm lightly. Other spots you can touch are the hand, neck (when going in for the kiss), lower back, and waist.

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3. Smell Good

Smelling good is ultra important. This doesn’t mean to wear a ton of your dad’s cologne. If you wear cologne, use it lightly. She should have to be inside your personal bubble to smell your scent. When she does get close enough to smell your scent, it can be enough to turn her on. The sense of smell is very strong. Smell alone can be enough to trigger a woman sexually. On the other hand, it also can be enough to turn her off if you smell like you haven’t showered in a couple weeks.

flirty body language

4. Be Interested In Her

Don’t try to make the conversation all about yourself. You’d be surprised at how many guys blow this step. Screw this step up and you’ll really be putting yourself in a hole.

She will love it if you display a genuine interest in her. Repeat what she says and relate it to you. It will show that you are listening to her, and it will help build common ground.

If you remember smaller details about her, she will love the fact that you are genuinely interested in her. If she tells you she has two sisters, one brother, and an eight-year-old Golden Retriever, you can repeat it back to her to show you are listening to even the smallest details.

You could say something along the lines of, “How was it growing up with two sisters and a brother? I had two siblings, and they made my childhood so fun. ” Then later you could bring the dog back up.

You could say something along the lines of, “You know, if I had an eight-year-old Golden Retriever, I know it would love your Golden Retriever.”

She might chuckle, but she definitely will ask why. This will be a flirty way to show her you’re interested and listening. It’s also a good way to transition from getting her comfortable to a more flirty, sexually tense conversation.

lip bite kiss flirt

5. Read Her Body Language

Being able to read her body language is really important. She will tell you when she’s ready to be kissed with her body language. Here are some things to look for in her body language.

If she is making eye contact, she’s comfortable with you and possibly into you. But if she’s not making eye contact, she’s not feeling you yet. If she repeatedly makes eye contact briefly, then keeps looking away and giggling, she’s really into you and ready for it.

If she touches you, she’s comfortable with you and might be ready for it. It all depends on where and how she touches you. If she pats you on the back like a friend, she’s not ready to be kissed. If she caresses you, she’s asking for you to plant one right on her lips.

When she is smiling, that’s a good sign. You’ll have to pay attention closely to determine what kind of smile it is. If it’s one of those cheesy nice-to-meet-you smiles, then she’s probably not ready to be kissed. But if it’s one of those sexy smirks, she’s ready. If she smiles and looks down, she wants you to shoot your shot her. When she smiles, tilts her head down, and looks up at you, she really wants you to make out with her.

If she keeps moving closer to you, she’s really feeling you and is ready. And if she moves her head close to yours while facing you, she’s practically asking you to lock lips with her.

Also, if she twirls her hair, she’s feeling you and is ready for some lip action.

If she bites her lip, all systems are a go! She is begging you to lock lips with her at this point! Don’t mess it up with your petty worries and fears. Dive right in!

get her to kiss you

6. Go In For The Kiss

Once you get the green light, you have to go in for the kiss. If you’re a boss, she might lean in slowly making it painstakingly obvious. If she gives you the signal and you don’t act on it, it’ll turn her off. Don’t worry; she’ll give you several chances.

If you miss the first signal, you’ll get a couple more chances. BUT, you don’t want to miss your chances. If a woman comes on to you and you don’t reciprocate, you run the risk of her thinking you are not interested in her.

Now you know more than enough to earn some juicy lip love. Have fun and kiss responsibly! No really, unwanted advances are not cool. So you have to be very aware of the signs she’s giving off and read them properly.