Hey, you need to know the telltale texting signs that tell you if she like you. It’s also good to know the signs that tell you she’s not digging you. There are a few signs that become obvious once you know what you are looking for.

These signs apply to all women because they’re based on psychology, the way female brains are wired. There are a few exceptions, like that one girl you know who exhibits masculine behavior. If you interested in knowing why some girls seem to be very masculine, I could easily explain that in an article. Just let me know if that’s be something you’d be interested in reading.

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Sign #1 – She texts you first

If you are just minding your own business and out of the blue, she texts you just trying to chit chat, then she likes you.

It is different than asking her to text you the homework assignment tonight because you fell asleep in class. It’s different than her texting you and asking if you know when the homework is due. While the two former scenarios could be her roundabout way of trying to stay in touch with you because she likes you, you won’t be able to tell for sure with just those scenarios. If she also gives you Sign #2 & #4, then you can start piecing it together a little better.

If she’s texting you at random times, just to see what you’re up to, she likes you. It’s that simple. Even if you think you’re in the friend zone, she still is comfortable with you and drawn to you. You can maneuver your way out of the friend zone most of the time.

Is there any other reason for a girl to be texting you out of the blue just to chit chat and make conversation? No! She likes you. She wants to hear from you and be in touch because she likes you.


Sign #2 – She’s keeping the convo going

If she won’t stop texting you, she loves you. It can be annoying when you don’t like her back, but it’s better to have too many girls texting you than not enough.

If you are dead-end texting her things like, “cool”, “hahaha”, or “kk” and she keeps texting you, then she likes you for sure. If you are not asking questions or contributing much to the conversation, but she keeps it going by asking you probing questions and volunteering loads of information about herself, then she likes you.

If you are sending short messages but hers are two and three texts long, then she likes you.

All of these are signs that she is way interested in you. If you see this sign in combination with Sign #1, then you are in good shape.

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Sign #3 – Emojis tell the tale

Emojis are the hieroglyphs of our day. You have to learn to interpret them with skill, or else you’ll be looking stupid.

There is an art to interpreting emojis, so I can’t just tell you what they mean. The way different people use them is different. Sometimes it can be obvious she likes you if she is using heart, heart-eye, and kissy emojis.

Other times you’ll have to read into it more when she uses smilies, winky faces, animal, and object emojis. This is something that you will have to read in context with the ebb and flow of the conversation. There’s one emoji that will be pretty obvious. If she sends you this, 8=======D, then she wants the D.


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Sign #4 – She’s playful

If your text conversation seems like a never ending stream of joking, laughing, and teasing, then she probably likes you. The only exception would be if you keep egging it on and she’s not reciprocating the love.

Being playful is the essence of flirting. It would be weird for two people to start texting bluntly with each other when they aren’t sure if the other person likes them. By being playful, you can push the envelope in a way that allows you to see if the other person likes you.

If they are reciprocating the flirtatious notions, then they like you. If they are shrugging it off, they haven’t fallen for you just yet.
If she’s playful with you through texts, you’re in a good position, and she probably likes you.

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Sign #5 – She’s seeking your approval

approval seeking textsIf she wants you to approve of her, she likes you but better yet, you’re in control. It means that she has put you on a pedestal and is trying to qualify herself to you.

If she is trying to show you how cool she is or how awesome her life is, she’s seeking your approval.

If she’s asking you which shirt do you like better, she’s seeking your approval.

Basically, if she’s asking you about basic choices, or trying to show you something positive about her life, she’s seeking your approval.

This is a great position to be in, but make sure you use it wisely. Don’t be a yes-man or a softy. Disapprove of her sometimes in a flirty way. Keep it fun and you’ll have the sexual tension going through the roof.

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Sign #6 – She texts back right away.

If she’s texting you back right away, you can bet your bottom dollar she likes you. This lets you peer into her psychology in a huge way. It tells you that there is nothing else as important as you in her mind right now. She has prioritized communicating with you over everything. If she’s texting you back in less than five minutes, she’s definitely feeling you.

If she’s texting you back inside of two minutes, sometimes in less than a minute, she LOVES you. She’s literally sitting with her phone waiting for your next message. As soon as she gets it, she’s giggling, smiling, and shooting you a text right back.

Only a girls who really likes you would act in this manner. The tone of rapid text conversations should be flirty because she’s dying to talk to you. Push the envelope a bit and see if you can crank up the sexual tension.

Bonus Tip: How to get her to like you over text

Be unpredictable, in a playful, flirty way. Don’t send her the typical responses she’s used to getting.



Girl: Hey [your name], what are you doing tonight?
Boy: I was just on my way to your house, hbu?

This is flirty because it’s playful, unexpected, and you’re pushing the envelope, increasing the sexual tension. Who knows, she might even let you come over. From this position, the conversation can go anywhere. She might say something like, “I’m not home”, or “lol oh really???”

Either way, you’ll be able to play it cool. If she responds in a way that seems like she doesn’t want you to come over, you can just say something to the effect of, “Don’t worry, I drive slow. I won’t arrive for a couple of days.”

If she responds positively, then you can keep pushing the envelope and eventually arrive at her house. This is essentially the art of flirting.